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→ Video exclusive: Behind the scenes at our Hollyoaks awards shoot! - Inside Soap

Go Behind The Scenes Of The Inside Soap PhotoShoot with Kieron Richardson, Stephanie Davis, Stephanie Waring,Nikki Sanderson,Fab Santino and Jeremy Sheffiled.


I know this is a Kieron blog but I need to rant about this Steph/Charlie situation because it’s really starting to grate on me.. Steph’s getting all this unnecessary hate.. Yeah she does put things on twitter/Instagram that even I don’t think she should of but maybe that’s how she deals with things? Everyone has different ways with coping with things and she does not for one minute deserve all this hate..people should stop and think for a minute that it takes fucking two to tango at the end of the day she’s a beautiful talented girl surrounded by amazing friends and family while you’re sat at home or wherever you are hating on her grow up! Thankyou bye.

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